About Former In Italia

Founded in the 70s from the entrepreneurial idea of Urbano and Francesco Rombaldoni, Former In Italia, an upholstered furniture manufacturing company, rapidly developed its artisanal dimension, becoming a reference reality in the international industrial panorama.

Consistent with the changing needs of competitiveness and sustainability, Former In Italia has managed to evolve from a family business to an industrial reality, combining its craftsmanship and tailoring tradition with manufacturing production processes, maintaining the link with its territory and the all-Italian know-how, but doing it well, on an industrial scale, thus expressing its strong identity linked to textiles and operating according to the criteria of the short supply chain.

Former In Group

FormerIn Group is the result of an entrepreneurial project aimed at integrating the specific experiences of all the actors involved. Through each company’s own expertise, wide-ranging interventions are possible, even in those characterized by high management and operational complexity

Former In Italia Srl

A company with more than 50 years of history operating in the production of upholstered furniture for the home, Former In Italia is a fast-growing company whose core business is the production of furniture for the residential, hospitality and luxury nautical sectors.

Class Italia Srl

Class Italia operates in the design, implementation and coordination for all contracts related to hotels, offices, executive areas, conference spaces, museums, schools, residences, hotels, housing and for the contract sector in general.

Sailing Srl

Sailing is the woodworking division dedicated exclusively to custom projects. Originally conceived for luxury yachts and cruise ships from the most prestigious shipyards and General Contractors, it now also creates projects for villas, hotels, restaurants and stores.

We design luxury furniture
for the b2c

A wide range of furniture accessories, mirrors, stools, coffee tables and armchairs coordinate naturally, providing the overall idea of a Former In Italia home.

We deliver full custom contract projects for b2b

We design and curate the production of furniture for residential, office, hospitality and luxury yachting spaces.

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