Unconventional Home Collection

Products capable of creating exciting environments for furnishings in which the beauty of the shapes is measured with the needs of practicality.

Why Unconventional Home Collection?

The Unconventional Home Collection is an open door to our world, to the infinite possibilities that its numerous furnishing accessories offer in designing a home or a common space.

The common trait of the entire collection is elegance, declined in terms of functionality and with spasmodic attention to detail, materials and their versatility in combinations. The result is a warm and welcoming home mood, capable of adapting and reinventing itself every time and making any environment unique and personal.

An unconventional idea

The products in this collection emphasize all the beauty of the wood and all the details in the workmanship, while providing overall visions full of atmosphere. An idea from the Former In Italia house, our idea of contemporary, unconventional living.

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Finishes and Materials for an endless customization.

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