Made In Italy

100% Italian quality

A great deal of attention is dedicated to everything that makes quality beginning with the processing of the product and culminating in the customer service.
Production takes place entirely in Italy, inside our factories, and the last stage of the production process consists of a deep and careful quality control. The industrial processing of products goes hand in hand with the craftsmanship of materials, thus ensuring the perfection of every detail.

The selection of materials

The choice of materials plays a crucial role. From the frames to the upholstery fabrics, only the finest materials are selected. They are tested with care before being used.

Craftsmanship experience

Our staff use their manual and sartorial skills with great care and versatility to upholster many different products, showing first-rate attention to detail.

Highest specialization

Dexterity, craftsmanship, expertise and creativity are the core concepts in our special approach to conceiving, designing and making products. While quality reigns supreme, creativity enriches the products with quintessentially “Mediterranean” warmth and a sense of both spontaneity and functionality that is invaluable because of its personal, intangible nature.

Design and creativity

Our heritage of know-how and tradition is combined with the pursuit of excellence in our carefully crafted products. The full and continuous dedication to this aspect is manifested in the entire cycle, from the definition of the project to its realization.

Limitless customization.

Creativity enriches products with an entirely “Mediterranean” warmth and with values of spontaneity and functionality that are all the more valuable because they are personal and intangible, for an increasingly creative, personalized and livable home.

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