To The Dreamers

There are only two kinds of people in this world. The realists and the dreamers.
The realists know where they are going and the dreamers have already been there.

Why To The Dreamers?

We are color and color harmonizes, on a subtle level, the body and the soul. Bright, vibrant colors energize and stimulate our joy, and joy depends on our ability to perceive the beauty and colors around us and then consciously bring them into our lives and homes. Soft clouds of materials embrace you: craftsmanship blends with design and technology.

Color, matter, passion and design.
A personal color-living experience.

Volumes and surfaces tell a story about new ways of experiencing color: products are transformed; backrests move and adapt allowing you to discover new and unexpected comfort and versatility levels. Unique textiles experiences and innovative foams are mixed together: pleasant and unexpected feelings for you, every time you sit on a Art Nova sofa. New forms and modules get together; they play with each other, creating new and free ways of interpreting the living spaces, generating elegant and aesthetic lines.

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