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Our collections

Our collection arises from our corporate background but also represents a turning point in a unique course that is continuously evolving. The course of creative technology for production achieved with craftsman skills: a single complex of elements, all intermixable, with which to design and manufacture products that meet real needs through modern creativity that goes beyond time.

Rebel Collection

In a perfect dialogue between traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing innovation, the Rebel Collection expands with new
proposals, complements and refined objects for decoration, completing Formerin lifestyle. Designed by Joe Gentile e Fabio Crippa.

Unconventional Spaces

Products capable of creatin exciting environments for furnishings in which the beauty of the shapes is measured with the needs of practicality. The comment trait of the entire collection is elegance, declined in terms of functionality and with spasmodic attention to detail, materials and their versatility in combinations.

Discover the collections by Former In Italia

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Rebel Collection

Inspired by haute couture: the ongoing quest to find the right balance between uniqueness and tailoring.

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To The Dreamers LIMITED Ed Collection

Bright, vibrant colors energize and stimulate our joy, and joy depends on our ability to perceive the beauty and colors around us and then consciously bring them into our lives and homes.

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Open Space

Sophisticated designs and meticulous workmanship are the distinguishing features of our products. This collection embodies all of these characteristics.

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A collection in which the balance between classic and modern takes shape in a personal, cosmopolitan approach to furnishing. After all, the appeal of every dwelling is based on the blend of elegant, practical features, charms and allusions that make it into a home.

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Innovative Luxury Forms

A collection born of the company’s background while representing a turning point on this continuosly evolving unique journey: the technological creativity of craft production. A great group of matching elements to implement and design an atmosphere to live in.

Finishes and Materials for an endless customization.

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