Dolcevita is the latest collection to embody the company’s aim of leveraging both craft skills and industrial experimentation with innovative solutions.

Why Dolcevita?

The technical and functional qualities of the materials in our products are often invisible, but they can help to establish the style of a home, with a wealth of choices and balanced taste. There are numerous colors, finishes and possibilities for use. It is a complex, flexible and versatile range containing a selection of distinctive elements, many of which are modular. They can be used to customize any interior design scheme and cater to specific taste and space requirements.

Sophisticated finishes with distinctive design features

The items combine aesthetic rigour and functional exactitude, structural quality and creativity, market solidity and innovation. Soft forms are complemented by sophisticated finishes in a new upholstered collection with distinctive design features and a wide range of shapes and sizes. We have created a selection of upholstered items and accessories that are easy for everyone to match together, following their inclinations and instincts rather than logic or fashion to add their own, individual style to every setting. It is a collection in which the balance between classic and modern takes shape in a personal, cosmopolitan approach to furnishing. After all, the appeal of every dwelling is based on the blend of elegant, practical features, charms and allusions that make it into a home.

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