Care & Maintenance
of our products

Since 1970, a tale of savoir-faire woven through creativity, style, and design unfolds at Former In Italia. Our legacy embraces the Made in Italy elegance, boundless sustainability, and the essence of craftsmanship on an industrial canvas.

Peerless quality

In the alchemy of our art, the finest materials and cutting-edge innovation intertwine, harmonizing with the skilled hands of our artisans. Within this symphony, we dance upon the delicate threads of quality and functionality, weaving a tapestry of perfection and tireless innovation.

Built to last

All of our products are built to be part of your life over time. All the materials we choose for our products – wood, paddings, fabrics, leather, marble and glass – are carefully chosen to guarantee comfort and safety while upholding utmost respect for the environment.

Our Materials


A precious natural masterpiece, wood exudes aesthetic allure and unparalleled durability.
Each creation holds within its heart the unique, natural veins inherent to wood, ensuring that every piece becomes a distinctive work of art, as individual as your taste and style.

Maintenance Guidelines

For standard maintenance, we recommend using a soft cloth and being careful not to use abrasive detergents.


Our upholstery is meticulously crafted to embrace proper posture, gracefully guiding the body away from unbalanced poses.

Crafted to embrace

The frames, skillfully hewn from resilient and supple materials such as pinewood or beech, are then swathed in a tender polyurethane embrace. This embrace ensures seamless edges while tenderly softening the loftier contours of the backrests, seats, and armrests.
The seat suspension, an artful intertwining of elastic ribbons, cradles with enduring comfort, much like a timeless melody.


The non-crush, enduring nature of polyurethane ensures compliance with safety standards, offering lasting support. From varying densities for customized comfort to the indulgence of natural goose down, our creations promise an unparalleled seating experience that withstands the test of time.

Maintenance Guidelines

For domestic hygiene it is important to care the coverings according to the fabric composition information shown on the product sheet attached to each product.


Our fabrics undergo rigorous testing in specialized laboratories. From natural to synthetic and mixed fibers, our fabrics boast qualities such as resistance to rubbing, abrasion, light, and color and most of them are easy to remove.

Maintenance Guidelines

Each fabric comes with a specific washing instruction, please refer to its laundry symbols to grant the best care and maintenance over the time.


Our leather selection process starts by finding the best quality farms, then continuing in the tannery, where skins are treated with the most advanced, natural methods.


Provenance of the leathers is tied to the production cycles of the food industry, respecting a philosophy of recovery that transforms the discarded hides into upholstered masterpieces crafted in Italy.

Maintenance Guidelines

To maintain its natural characteristics intact and consistent color, we recommend not exposing the surfaces to direct sunlight or sources of intense heat and not using pointed, abrasive sponges or sharp objects that could scratch it or solvents, alcohol or bleach-based detergents.


Crafted with precision and artistry, our glass-infused masterpieces illuminate your space with a touch of ethereal allure.

Maintenance Guidelines

We recommend not using abrasive cleaners and corrosive substances – acidic or alkaline – as they could damage the surface. For normal cleaning, we suggest using clean water or a specially formulated glass cleaner. Then, polish the glass and dry it with a microfiber cloth to prevent spots and streaks.


With its distinctive veining and rich hues, marble unveils an artistic tapestry, adorning your surroundings with a symphony of elegance.

Maintenance Guidelines

We recommend removing dust on marble surface with a soft sponge, dampened with lukewarm water. Then, due to its porous nature, marble has a tendency to absorb liquids, we recommend swiftly addressing any liquid spills on the surface by using an absorbent cloth. Following this, clean the area using a soft sponge and water.
Due to the specific delicacy of the marble, we also advise against placing hot objects directly on the top.

Our products are built with the finest materials and guaranteed by the following certifications:

GRS – Global Recycled Standard
Aqua clean
Phthalate free
Classe 1IM
CAL TB 117

How to wash and properly care our products

Before washing or caring our products be sure to refer to the washing instructions.

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